Holiday Programs

We do holiday programs!

January 16th – 18th (Tuesday – Thursday)

9AM – 4PM each day (Drop-off from 8:45, pick-up from 15:00, depending on your child and your schedule)

Ages 9-15 (Negotiable)

Tabletop Games
Our concept is simple: We play a lot of board games!  After running this a few times now, we’ve stopped preparing material in advance but we’re always happy to explore any board game topic that is requested.  There will also be some craft supplies and puzzly things on-hand for a change of pace.  After lunch, we go to a park for a bit of fresh air and sports games then head back for more board games.

Role-Playing Games
There are a lot of systems (different ways to use dice and story-telling) and one-shots (a game that will fully wrap-up in one session, as opposed to campaign which take many games to tell a full story). We’re currently interested in (D&D, Kids on Bikes, Crash Pandas, Honey Heist, and Adventures on a Single Page). If you’re particularly excited about one of these options (or something else) make a note in the registration form.

If you sign up for the Half & Half day, you’ll play board games for half the day and be a part of a one-shot for the other half of the day. I’ll figure out a schedule once we’ve got people registered so I can put people interested in similar things in the same half of the day.

*Our role-playing spots are very limited at the moment (and we don’t have a way of setting limits online currently) so please wait for confirmation before getting anyone excited. I’ll do my best to stay on top of registrations so no one has to wait long. Slowest response times will be early in the week.

You can sign up for as any days as you’d like. 

  • 10% discount for 2nd or more kids from the same family attending the same days. It doesn’t matter if they’re not signed up for the same type of day; we’ll give you the better discount.
  • Morning tea and afternoon tea are included.
  • You can bring your lunch or buy lunch at Counter Culture (20% discount on food and drink for participants during the program) .
  Cost of 1st Child Cost per Additional Child
Per Day (Tabletop) $65 $58.50
Per Day (Half & Half) $75 $67.50

First come, first served. Please fill out a separate registration form for each participant (you will have to reload the page). We’ll collect payment on your first day attending.