211 Victoria Street . Te Aro . Wellington

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. So, what is a board game café exactly?

It’s a social place to meet friends and play games, with a range of delicious food and drink options. Board game cafes around the world charge a modest entry fee to stay and play.

2. What do I get for my $5?
Your $5 gives you access to over 300 games in Wellington, with a friendly game guru to make game suggestions and teach you how to play.
3. What if I just want a takeaway coffee?

Sure thing! We have great coffee from the fine folk at Good Fortune and talented baristas. No gaming fee to grab a coffee. But beware, it’s very hard to resist those lovely games…

4. What do the stickers mean?

Green stickers = fairly quick to learn and a Game Guru will definitely be able to teach you if you’re stuck.

Yellow stickers = a bit more complicated. One of our Game Gurus could probably help you, time permitting.

Red stickers = read the rule book! Or check out Rodney Smith’s youtube channel ‘Watch It Played’

5. I loved that game! Can I buy a copy?

Sure thing. We will have copies of some popular or unique board games to purchase.

6. What’s the difference between board games and tabletop games?

Board games is a more widely used term, but nowadays, more and more games don’t necessarily use a board. There are dice games, card games, social deduction games, party games, dexterity games, and the list goes on. The term ‘tabletop games’ attempts to cover the range of games out there a bit more accurately.

7. I know Scrabble and Monopoly, but I’d like to branch out. Can you help me?

Fantastic! We would love to help you broaden your board game horizons. Ask our friendly Game Guru for some advice on what to play. We have hundreds of games on our shelves, so we’re very confident that we’ll find something you’ll enjoy.

8. Can I bring my children?

Definitely! We actively encourage kids to come and play and we have lots of family-friendly games that have been road-tested on Ahmed and Emma’s kids and their friends over the years. There are games to develop dexterity, cooperative skills, numeracy, literacy and then of course, there’s just lots of fun to be had. Currently, our alcohol license requires children under 18 to be supervised by a parent or legal guardian. Watch this space for updates to this.

9. What if I spill something on a game?

We expect everyone to take reasonable care, but we know that accidents do happen and we’ll try to mop up pretty quickly. The gaming fee is one way to help recoup costs of damage or wear and tear to games.

10. Can I bring my own games in?

Not usually. We have hundreds of games, and hopefully we have the game you want to play anyway. Please let us know if there is a game you are desperately wanting to play that we don’t have. We’re constantly ordering new stock, so your wish might come true.

11. Can I play Magic the Gathering (or Dungeons and Dragons)?

No. There are already well-established locations to host these role-playing games, e.g. Cerberus Game (Level 1, 66 Dixon St).

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