Frequently Asked Questions

Counter Culture

board game cafe & bar





Do you have games for kids?

Yes! We have kids. We have games for
kids. We have games our kids love and
your kids will too. We are happy to
make recommendations if you’re not
sure what kind of games your kids
might like.
We have a change table and highchairs
for the littlest ones.

Do I need to Book?

You should definitely book if you want to
play games in the evening or at the
weekend. Just use the Book Now button
to find a free time. You can usually get a
table without booking on weekday

Can I bring in my own game?

It depends on the game. Please contact
us to discuss details. Normal game
passes still apply.





do you have wheelchair access?

Yes, and an accessible toilet. Let us
know if you need one of our
wheelchair-friendly tables when you

can i bring my own food?

You cannot bring outside food and drink
in (except a cake – see below). We have
all kinds of food and have a range of
vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options.

can i stay all day? 

Bookings are for up to three hours. This
is enough time to play even the longest
game on our shelf. Unless you’re planning to play Twilight Imperium! If you need more time for any reason, please contact us.





Can I bring my own cake?

Sure thing. We’ve had birthday parties
for kids, teenagers and adults of all
ages. You’re welcome to bring your
own cake for $1 per person. We’ll store
it in the chiller, light the candles, and
bring you plates and knives. Don’t ask
us to sing though. We’re awful at

Do you do large group bookings?

Sure. Playing games is a great way to break the ice and have fun with friends, family or colleagues.

Please see the Functions page for more info.