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Campaign Tuesdays - Rules and Regulations

  1. No one else will have access to a borrowed campaign game for the duration of the twelve weeks.
  2. Legacy or campaign games may be purchased from us at 25% off. If we don’t have the game in stock, we can only guarantee a timely arrival if you register and order your game on or before July 5th.
  3. All games taking part in the event may be stored here.
  4. Attendance Points earn you entry into the weekly draw and will be the major determining factor for awarding the Grand Prize.
    1. An Attendance Point is achieved for the team if at least half of the registered players are present.
    2. You may send in substitute players if you are unable to make it to a game.
    3. Extra players may be brought along only if advance notice is given and they are willing to pay for their game passes.
    4. We’re aware the campaign will take place largely during cold/flu/covid season. Try not to get sick, okay? (But we’ll chat about it if you do.)
  5. Weekly prizes will also be awarded for reasonable and unreasonable things.
  6. Minimum spend is $10/session.
  7. No refunds will be given after the event has begun.
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